Why am I not surprised that Will is writing yet another article on why he hates Yuengling. Dude we get it, you are an asshole from Massachusetts that is going to bash the brewery that is selling more than your beloved Boston Beer Co. I know that you really wish that Jim would find some way of trying to outsell them… » 9/18/14 2:20am Yesterday 2:20am

Not going to happen, Disney and Hearst Media need that secondary channel when they setup their contracts. It is also the reason that you get like 4 channels of ESPN, ABC Family, CI, fyi (use to be bio, which featured the only show worth watching with the old A&E), and Military History. The content companies have all… » 9/12/14 8:57am 9/12/14 8:57am

Asshats like this are why we need to join the modern world and get rid of tips as the main source of a server's income. You think you were disrespected by your sever, ask for the manager. Mad at the response, just drop a $5 and tell about your experience online. Or just let it go. » 9/12/14 1:59am 9/12/14 1:59am

Where I work at, we use to get call all of the time when people wanted balances gift card balances for hollister. It wasn't anything typed wrong, people just typed in 800 instead of 888. And we had to argue with people about this because they did not listen to our greetings stating a corporate name that was different. » 9/11/14 5:16am 9/11/14 5:16am